Quantum Cascade Lasers

ICL Single Mode Lasers

Interband Cascade Lasers (ICL) are a mid-IR light source with emission in the 2.7-3.9 μm range, which is important in particular for hydrocarbon detection and other gases of interest. With lower dissipation than traditional QCLs some ICL lasers are available in TO-66 housing in addition to the standard TO3 and HHL. They are now available at the selected frequencies of 2853 cm-1, 2898 cm-1, 2913 cm-1 and 2946 cm-1 (respectively 3505 nm, 3450 nm, 3433 nm and 3394nm).
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ICL-based External Cavities

Available Now!

Alpes Lasers now offers Broad Gain Interband Cascade Laser (ICL) chips for use in External cavity systems. ICLs allow emission at shorter wavelengths than traditional QCLs, many of which are particularly interesting for hydrocarbon detection. The initially offered chip covers the range 3.2-3.6 um (2820-3070 cm-1) which contains strong absorption lines for CH4C2H6HCl and CH2O (formaldehyde).

Contact us at sales@alpeslasers.ch for more information!

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PWest 2021

In 2021 the Photonics West exhibition is virtual only but as always we will be present! Come to our booth to chat or discuss via video anytime from March 8th to 11th!

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Balloon-borne QCL measurements

Using the lightweigth and small size intrinsic to QCL systems, researchers at EMPA have demonstrated a new Compact and lightweight mid-infrared laser spectrometer for balloon-borne water vapor measurements. This comes on top of their previous achievement of mounting a QCL on a drone!
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