Quantum Cascade Lasers

New Frequency Comb Lasers

Frequency Combs Lasers are now available centered around 6.02 microns, in the amine band, in addition to previously available comb lasers available around 7.95 microns. You can more details in this Optics Express paper as well as in this a sample datasheet.
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Gas Sensing aboard drones

The small size and weight of quantum cascade lasers (only ~100 g for HHL housings) make them ideal candidates for integration into remote sensing devices. 

In this paper published by EMPA an Alpes QCL emitting at 7.83 microns is integrated into a hexacopter drone, achieving a methane concentration measurement with a precision of 0.1 ppb. The system was flown in a field study to measure a vertical profile of methane concentration.
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Neuchâtel (Switzerland). EU funded project “Photonics sensing platform for process optimisation in the oil industry”
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Defense and Commercial Sensing

Due to lockdown measures in California and Switzerland, our presence at the DCS event in 2020 as well as in CLEO are cancelled.
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